Who we are
The noble art of oil-making

The Terre del Barone (The Lands of Baron) are our lands, our work and our life. Here our family has chosen to live and grow. Among the olive trees, a few steps from the sea, in contact with the land.

Here our children can “feel” the land, savour the smells and moods, here they learn that traditions and customs have a meaning and a value, here they can accommodate and care for animals that become an integral part of our family.

In these lands, ours for generations, we have recently created a company that turns the olives into oil. We love our work: we like to take care of our plants, olive trees, so noble and strong. We prove emotions when we pick the fruit, olives, precious and delicate. We feel pride and satisfaction when we extract oil, the extra virgin Taggiascan, the best.

Together we decided to share our fortune, the possibility to live and work in these lands with our friends and our guests, offering them not only our products but also our hospitality and our friendship.

We put passion and kindness in all things we do, because we like to live in harmony with ourselves as well as with our territory. We try to surround ourselves with beautiful things and good, polite and interesting people to turn every action into an experience, every moment into emotion. Here in the Lands of the Baron!

Who we are Who we are Who we are Who we are

Over time, we have seen our dreams materialize and happen. We have recovered abandoned olive groves and we have given them a new life; we have built a modern oil mill and a house was opened to best accommodate guests of all nationalities who wish to “breathe” the country life.

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